Turnaround Times

Fast Turnaround Times on Apparel Printing & T-shirt Graphics

Printing Turnaround Times:

We like to have a week and a half, to two weeks for any order. That being said…we can put a rush on orders to get them to you sooner. If you reach us early enough in the day for a small simple orders, and can give us all the necessary details in the Apparel Printing Form, Chattanooga Tshirt.com can print your t-shirts and apparel that very same day. This all of course depends on number of apparel items,what we have in stock, and how fast you need them…we are not magicians! There will be an additional charge for rush orders.

That being said, we are the fastest printers in town. With our 2 new direct-to-garment printers, Chattanooga Tshirt can print t-shirts and apparel right in front of your eyes. Not only is the printer fast, but it can print photo quality designs and graphics in vibrant colors. Even if you don’t need it that same day, we can still print them faster than most other companies around.

Apparel Designs Turnaround Times:

Chattanooga Tshirt has a internal graphics department powered by a professional design company. Design IT Services LLC of Chattanooga will always have  a designer on hand so custom graphics can be produced on demand for a additional rush design fee. We might even have time to print your new design on apparel that day, but again…that is only if you catch us early enough and only if we are not backed up with other rush orders.

Chattanooga Tshirt has literally thousands of custom graphics and vectors at our disposal to make the apparel design process that much faster. Our custom apparel designs have won awards on various t-shirt websites and even had a few t-shirts designs published. Let us design your logo/graphic at a fraction of the cost and time of other design firms.